Blackburn Chambers


Blackburn Chambers is Canberra’s largest barrister’s chambers

It comprises over 20 barristers, including Senior Counsel,  Junior Counsel,  Associate Members and Readers

Members of chambers practise in common law, commercial law and equity, constitutional law, criminal law, family law and administrative law.

 NEWS:  We are pleased to announce that Graeme Blank, Marcus Hassall, Gavin Howard and James Macken, formerly of Henry Parkes Chambers, will soon be members of Blackburn Chambers.

NOTE: A new website for Blackburn Chambers is being designed and is expected to be launched over the next few weeks. Some pages (for example, recent cases on the NEWS page) may not be updated as new content is entered onto the new website. 






Canberra Counsels Chambers trading as Blackburn Chambers