Blackburn Chambers


Barristers have continuously practised in Chambers on Level 12 of the AMP building since its opening in 1964.
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In 1987, following the death of Sir Richard Blackburn, the former Chief Justice of the ACT Supreme Court,  Canberra Counsels Chambers became Blackburn Chambers, in his honour.

Senior Counsel

Erskine, ChrisChris Erskine SC

Meagher, BryanBryan Meagher SC

Pilkintin, StuartStuart Pilkinton SC

Stretton, GregGreg Stretton SC

Walker, Philip 2Philip Walker SC

Mark Walsh SC

Junior Counsel

Arthur, RichardRichard Arthur

Brodie Buckland

Brodie Buckland

Clynes, RobertRobert Clynes

Michael Inglis

Katavic, KristyKristy Katavic

John Larkings

Masters, John 1John Masters

Athol Opas

Orlov, MichaelMichael Orlov

David Richards

Vivekananda, RaviRavi Vivekananda

Woulfe, PeterPeter Woulfe

Associate Members